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Bow Prints

Since we are closing and moving into our house next Friday and Saturday I have decorating on my mind all of the time. I feel like the weeks are in slow motion right now because I am so ready to be living in our new house. One of the rooms I am most excited to decorate is my office/guest room. Also known as my “boudoir” which will be the girliest room in the house and my private oasis. I picture my walls covered in prints of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, vintage Vogue covers, and vintage pinups. I would also love to hang an illustration of one or two of the bow prints below. They are extremely feminine and the perfect vibe I want to portray in that room.


I think this is the print I would choose because it is from the 1960’s and has both a bow and flowers.


yes ma’am girl with bow.


Cat in a Bow. Would love to dress my boys like this ASAP.


This vintage pinup would blend in well with my collection.


The most beautiful shoe I have ever seen.


This watercolor is perfection. I want to dress just like this model from vintage French Vogue.


In love with the pop’s of pink in the bow and lips of the model.


Hair inspiration

Some other favorite prints here



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