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Pastel Spring


After a week of driving across the country we are finally back in Austin Texas. I am so happy to be near our house which looks amazing by the way. Better and bigger then I expected. We have our closing date set for April 18th and are counting down the days till we can make the house ours and move on in. The only negative is the temporary apartment we are living in, which is a pit. It is definitely the second ugliest place we have ever lived in. But we have cable/DVR and internet so I am trying to look at life from the brighter side.


The weather in Austin has been crazy since we have been back. Friday and Saturday were beautiful with 70 and 80 degree temps. But once Sunday hit the temperature dropped to the high 20’s with freezing rain and high winds. And on went my sweaters and rain boots again which I thought would be left with the connecticut winter. I am dreaming for spring time, for being able to pack away my sweaters and winter jacket, wear my loafers, sandals, and ankle booties. To spend much more time outdoors going on a daily walk with Craig and cooking healthy meals at night. When I think of spring the first thing that pops into my head are pastel colors. I just love them because they are light and cheery and bring warmth and I think it is about time I start adding some of those colors to my wardrobe again.


The prettiest wall paper and matching blue hair.


Would love to add this rocking chair to our new study/library.


I have been having my fair share of ice cream since being back in Texas.


My inspiration for my home office/guest room. Light pink walls and a queen size bed.


Who could resist a vintage pale yellow rotary phone?

type writer

I wish my key board was mint green.


Would love to hang this photo of a 1950’s New York  in the new house.


Such an unusual light fixture made from mason jars.

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Hope your Tuesday is off to a great start.


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