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Lipstick Favorites

My Step Mom has been on the hunt for the perfect lipstick ever since I was a little girl. We would go to Bloomingdales together searching for the perfect pink shade to flatter her light blonde hair. As much as we looked she found ones that were decent but not the “perfect one”, who know’s maybe it does not exist. But it is alot of fun trying to find it. After testing out probably hundreds of lipsticks over the last three years I finally know the colors that will never work for me, dark roses and nudes. Roses are kind of blah on me, it just does not pop and makes me look a little drab. And nudes, I love the colors they come in but they just look terrible on me. I look completely washed out and a bit sickly. So now I mostly stick to either pinks and reds. A light pink is a neutral for me and reds and bright pinks are a bit more bold. Below are some of my favorite lipsticks as well as my perfect lipstick of all time. I finally found it almost a year ago!


1. Yves Saint Laurent – ROUGE PUR COUTURE Rose Carnation- My favorite perfect lipstick of all time which I found on a whim right before we left on a cruise. I am seriously in love with this beautiful pink that has a tiny frost and shimmer. It looks great both day and night has SPF 15 for some added sun protection and contains no parabens and other nasty chemicals. This is my every day neutral.

2. MAKE UP FOR EVER – Rouge Artist Intense 40- Great price at 20 dollars for a mid level luxury lipstick. It is a nice and creamy bright neon orange that is very highly pigmented.

3. CHANEL ROUGE ALLURE VELVET LUMINOUS MATTE LIP COLOUR La Fasciante- The perfect matte, it really does feel like velvet on your lips. There is a hint of cream as well because it is super easy to apply unlike most mattes. Feels very soft and is a beautiful deep red shade.

4. Dior Rouge Lipstick Blazing Red- Love love love this bright orange red. It is very rich in color, goes on smoothly and silky, and smells very perfumey  like my nanas old lipsticks.

5. Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball Shimmer Treatment Lipstick Trance- A beautiful sheer shimmer tint with vitamin E,C,B, and aloe vera. It is moisturizing for the lips in a very pretty raspberry pink. Inspired by butterfly wings and has a subtle blue pearl tint in the light.

6. Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor- The case and navy blue color of the lipstick is beautiful and unlike any of my other lipsticks. Leaves a subtle blue tint that is universal for all lips and turns them a light natural berry shade. The vitamin E makes lips very hydrated.

7. Rouge Dior Lipstick Rose Bonheur- A very 1960’s esque feminine pink that is a little frosty in the best way. Has great coverage and is lightly creamy and youthful looking.

8. Lipstick Queen Medieval-  A tinted blood red shade that goes on sheer and can be built up for more pigment. Has vitamin E as well to nourish the lips and give them a natural flush.

9. Dior Addict Lipstick Millie- Love this line by Dior because its not too pigmented and is perfect for when you want a splash of color on your lips. Feels like a mixture between a balm and a lipstick and comes in the prettiest packaging. I also have this lipstick in Princess and Rose Deshabille. Beautiful pinks that are my neutral for when I don’t want to wear a bright lip.

10. Yves Saint Laurent – ROUGE PUR COUTURE Rouge Flamme- High pigment with a satin creamy finish. Has perfect coverage and is a deep cranberry red. I love this line so much because it feels amazing on the lips, has sunscreen, and does not contain the nasty chemicals. Also have it in 1 and 13 and they all feel very luxurious especially because of their gold packaging.

Have you found your perfect lipstick, I would love to know.


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