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Eye See You

People say that eyes are the key to the soul. They can make you feel welcome and calm or cold and rejected. Pretty crazy how much power and emotions our eyes convey without even having to use our voice. It is also said that everyone has a body feature that we like the most and feel the most confident about. And mine would have to be my eyes. They have an almond cat eye shape to them which I think is a bit unusual, are hazel and get even lighter in the sun, and I am lucky to have long eyelashes as well. I think i inherited them from  my Nana Oni’s along with my high cheekbones and wide face. The wide face is definitely one of the characteristics I dislike about myself. With this new year just starting I am trying to focus more on the positive and less on the negative. I think we all can benefit from a little more self love. Since I love my eyes I have fun playing with different eye shadows, liners, and mascaras. I am a make up girl through and through and love to experiment. Eyes are also the feature I always notice and admire first when observing other people or animals.


Gotta love Audrey and her 1960’s silver and black eye makeup.


The craziest mani I have ever seen. They look like bird eyes and I love it!


1960’s flower petal false eyelashes. I think this is a must for a night on the town.


Wouldn’t mind adding this beauty to our brood of kittles.


Love this vintage beauty ad. Would look good in my future home office.


Cat eyes all the way.


Love how doe like her eyes are styled.


I have a thing for 60’s beauty. I don’t think it will ever go away.


Silver foil eyes. Would look really pretty as an eye liner.

eye lash

Must start wearing colored mascara again. They add a nice hint of color.

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