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Evil Eye

I have shared my affection for eyes and eye make up this week. Below are some of my favorite “evil eye” accessories. When on our honeymoon in Greece, Turkey, and Egypt a few years ago I was on a hunt for evil eye stuff. I was trying to find a fancy plate that my MIL had in her kitchen hanging on the wall. It was a beautiful navy glass with gold leaf painted in circles and a giant glass evil eye in the center. I searched high and low but could not find anything even remotely similar. I recently found out that she found it at the airport the one place I did not check go figure.  I did manage to find some beautiful evil eye jewelry though. A gold, navy enamel, and diamond necklace and some costume rings and bracelets. Whenever I wear the necklace I am brought right back to our two week cruise honeymoon.


1. Eye Pillow

2. Delfina Delettrez Eye Earring

3. Sydney Evan Stud Earrings

4. KENZO Trouser


6. Nasty Gal Eyes On You Bag

7. Jack Spade Googly Eyes Case

8. Mystic Light Evil Eye Blue Diamond Ring

9. Blu Bijoux Round Evil Eye Bracelet

10. KENZO Eye Bag

11. KENZO Eye print Top

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