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1960’s Beauty

It is no surprise on the blog that I am obsessed with all things 1960’s. Especially when it comes to hair, makeup, fashion, and accessories. I guess I can thank Betty, Joan, and Megan for always influencing my beauty choices. Women were so lady like in the 1960’s always wearing a full face of makeup and polished hair. They would never be caught dead in sweat pants especially out of the house. I do fall into the trap from time to time of wearing no makeup and work out clothes, But when I present myself that way I definitely don’t feel like my best self. I feel a little grubby and a little sad. Its crazy how just putting on a little makeup can instantly perk up my mood and make me feel more confident and more like me. When I put a bit more effort into dressing up even if it is to only go to the grocery store I feel like I can conquer the day and everything on my to do list.


Her eyes remind me of a peacock!


Love how soft and feminine her eyes are with a thick white eyeliner.


Love love love everything about this photo, especially the black kitten.


A look I try and replicate daily. Big dark lashes and a light pink lip.


Love how big and expressive Goldie’s eyes are.


Must start wearing a black cat eye with light eye shadow much more often.


Blue eye shadow is a color I don’t use but must try it now.




A red lip is perferct for all ocasions in my book.

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