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Sterling Silver

I love the color silver, especially around the Christmas holiday season. I don’t know why but it makes me think of old holiday movies, snow, icicles, glitter, and lots and lots of accecories. And it is the perfect color to wear to holiday parties, especially in the form of shoes, purses, and jewelry! Since we are moving in 12 days, I won’t be able to decorate my home in silver adornment this Christmas. However, I am getting inspired looking at everyone elses home decor ideas on Pinterest and instagram. And can’t wait to decorate next year when we will be living in our newly built home.


I never say no to glitter, especially when they grace the tips of my nails.


The perfect lady like holiday dress.


Need to make some DIY glitter animal friends next Christmas to line up our fireplace mantle.


Silver dipped cake pots are not only delicious but would make for a wonderful center piece.


A silver glitter cat eye is a look I must try ASAP.


These DIY glitter star garland would look amazing draped around the tree.


The most stunning silver water.


Silver chocolate almonds that look like liquid metal. Inspiration for my next holiday manicure.

All images via Pinterest


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