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DIY Necklace Clasp

Hi Guys,

Today I have for you a very simple yet still fun jewelry DIY for you to try at home. Changing the clasps on your necklaces or bracelets to make them wearable. There have been so many times that I have had to pass on a necklace that I love because the closure was not secure and could not have been changed. The closures I hate the most are the ones you find on vintage 1950’s necklaces, hook closures. They just don’t seem secure to me and I am afraid I will end up losing the necklace. I do indeed buy those necklaces when I know for sure that I can remove those clasps and put on my own! The two necklaces that I am working on below are both vintage with hook closures.


1. Two jewelry pliers
2. Two lobster clasps
4. Four Jump Rings
5. Ruler

Before: Original hook closures. i knew that I could re work these necklaces because if you look at where the closure lies, it can be easily removed and the open circle can hold a new clasp. That is always a giveaway when deciding if you should buy a piece!

Necklace One: Vintage Napier

I was hesitant to take off the closure at first because it was signed Napier but when I turned it over I saw that the necklace was signed again. With your Jewelry pliers open up the jump ring and remove both ring and hook closure on both sides of the necklace.

Open your new jump ring so that it is large enough to hold your lobster clasp and fit through the hole in the necklace. Once on, close both ends of the jump ring and your clasp will be secure. There is no way it will fall off now!

On the opposite side of the necklace attach a new jump ring and close both ends together.

The new closure is safe and secure and ready for wear!

I love how short the necklace is. Reminds me of something Cleopatra would wear.

Necklace Two: Vintage three strand gold pearl

Measure necklace for exact length. My necklace has a beaded extender on the end so you can make it shorter or longer. You need to determine here how long you want your necklace to be because when you put on the new clasp and closure it will no longer be adjustable.

The beaded extender. I decided to make my necklace 17 inches and to achieve that length I only need to remove the bead at the end.

Just like the first necklace remove your hook clasp and the jump ring it is attached to.

Open new jump ring and put through the hole in the necklace with your lobster clasp attached and close securely.

Remove the portion of the extender you don’t want to use. For me, I am only taking off the first bead but someone else might want their necklace shorter and have to remove more till they reach their desired length.

Attach your new jump ring to the opening of the last bead and you are done!

Your necklace is now secure and ready for a night out on the town.

This is one of my new favorite necklaces and it only cost 10 dollars, a great buy.



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