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Pastel Hair

The first time I dyed my hair I was nine on a cruise to the Caribbean. I was getting blonde highlights and since it was the early 90’s I had a very painful experience with the hair cap. Anyone else experience that. The stylist puts a rubber cap on your head covering all of your hair that has a bunch of holes all over. They then pull through the hole strands of your hair to get that highlight look and let me tell you it hurts like hell. Luckily that was the first and last time I used that cap and much prefered an all over color or foils any day. I didnt dye my hair again till I was in high school and went the blonde route again, I am naturally a brunette. This time I went for the skunk head look where huge sections of my hair were covered in blond color and foiled. Think of it as highlights on steroids. I must say it was not a good luck for me. I have had my hair all sorts of colors, full on blonde, highlights, copper highlights, red, all shades of brown, and even black. Which by the way was a color my grandmother hated. She did tell me that black color can give you brain cancer hoping that I would go blond again, it did not work though. Right now I am more in a natural phase, a brownish reddish all over color.

One color I never tried though were crazy colors, think manic panick, orange, yellow, bright red, green, blue, green. I so wanted to dye my hair with red kool aid in the 8th grade but then that look got banned from school and I never got to wear It. Still a little sad about that one.I am loving this whole new pastel hair look. Highlights, ombre, dip dye, of baby pink, purple, blue, and green. It has such a pretty feel to it. A little bit rebellious and daring but done in a much more classic lady like way. I would love to try it but don’t want to put my hair through the bleach process to achieve it. Will have to admire from afar.


What color do you like best?



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