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The Girls In The Attick

Happy Tuesday,

On Sunday I visited my friends Grayson and Lori at Artists and Fleas Market. They opened up their own vintage shop together in the market, ” The Girls in the Attic” and are the only upstairs vendor. Their shop is set up like a beautiful vintage boutique. To me it looks like a great bedroom decorated with tons of vintage all over the walls. Lots of dresses, robes, jewelry, purses, shoes. Once you step inside you feel like you are being transported back in time to the 20’s. I have a great collaboration coming up with these women soon so stay tuned for that. Can’t say much on the subject now but it is a part of our new venture for Corvus Noir, hint hint. Below are pics I took of their shop, be sure to check them out every Saturday and Sunday at the market. They are constantly bringing in new vintage inventory.



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