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Long Bob Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo

So I got my hair did yesterday and I love love love it! When I was walking to the salon from the train I wasn’t planning on cutting off more then a couple inches from the dry ends. But jokingly I said I was thinking about chopping it all off and Mary got really excited about it. She told me that a long bob would look great and I had been contemplating for days rather or not to go short and just decied to go for it. She cut the length off right away before the color so I didn’t have much time to talk myself out of it. And I am really happy I cut it all off. It feels great to let all of that hair go and just have a fresh start. Its not too short but short for me, passed my shoulders a little and a little longer then my color bone. It was cut a little choppy so I can wear it messy, a little wavy with no fuss. And my color is a mix of red and brown, lighter on top and darker on the ends. It will be fun to see how it grows out and then in 10 to 12 weeks when I go back for color I can decide if i want to go shorter again or grow it longer, I am thinking shorter though. Its fun to be on the opposite side of the spectrum now. Some hair inspiration below.

still loving Alexa Chungs locks. I don’t think I would go as short as hers but I love it

love the color in this shot

Really loving Olivia Palermo’s long bob too, really pretty color too

love the red in this shot

Which do you prefer messy and bohemian or sleek and modern? For me I am thinking messy



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