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Bags and Belts

I tend to carry the same couple bags every time I go out. And let me tell you I am starting to get bored of them. I shouldn’t complain because I was lucky to inherit around 50 something bags from my grandmother. A few of them designer and the rest all vintage. So I am pretty lucky there. The downside is that the majority of them are tucked away in a box in Connecticut because i don’t have the room in our smaller apartment. I should swap some out but I have been lazy. As for belts Craig seems to have alot and wears them all the time. I on the other hand have maybe 3 and never ever wear them. I see bloggers on line with great belts that make their outfits so much cuter and just get green with envy. I either need to start collecting some vintage belts or just start wearing the ones I have. Anyhow, below are some favorites from 1stDibs that I would love to add to my closet.

great everyday black bag, perfect size not too big or too small

great evening clutch

will never reject a Chanel bag

love vintage Halston

amazing Chanel belt

love the studded detail


Egyptian revival

love the color and how 80’s it is

love the tassels

very different

love the hot pink and the gold bugs

amazing Alaia belt, will never say no to leopard


love the contrast of the black and gold

Have a great weekend



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