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Tom Binns

I have always been a big fan of Tom Binns jewelry. Unfortunately his work is too expensive for me so I admire from afar. I love how he uses vintage design elements such as 50’s style rhinestone collars and makes them completely modern. He may paint a rhinestone necklace crazy colors such as neon yellow and hot pink and just makes them look incredible. His work always has an uptown yet downtown feel all at once. A little bit princess mixed with a little bit of punk. Below are some favorites

love the tribal feel to this chunky necklace and all of the bright colors, amazing

love the contrast of the black and clear stones. reminds me of a vintage necklace

would love to wear a bunch of these mixed together

his joke this is a tom binns necklace because he believes alot of designers copy his work

love the floral pattern


the neon yellow is just amazing

love the amber color stones mixed with the metal skull

bracelets to look like watches

always wanted this


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  1. Amanda March 16, 2011

    GORGEOUS! Alas, admiring them from afar as well.

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