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Dior Joaillerie

I have been wanting to do a post about Dior fine jewelry for a long time and now that I have learned to grab a flash picture I finally can. Out of all the luxury clothing designers who have jewelry lines as well my favorite has and always will be Dior. They have an amazing designer Victoire De Castelanne who is pretty much the coolest jewelry designer out there. Her designs are out of this world and very child like and young at heart. You can see that she actually has a lot of fun with designing and it definitly shows within her work. I also think its pretty amazing how her designs can reach all types of audiences. She has some really simple classic designs as well as some crazy incredible over the top ones as well. In no particular order here are my favorites. And let me just say how amazing it must be to get to work with gold, platiunum,, and gemstones of all colors of the rainbow all day long!

the perfect simple band

love the pink diamonds on rose gold

the rose is made from pink quartz

the roses look like enamel but they are actually red coral

still feminine but a little goth

all real gems

this sweet ring would look perfect in my collection

dont have any words for this one, simply amazing

I would wear this every day, love the lady bug

watched a short video on the desiginig of a ring like this and they actually hand paint the enamel onto the metal. It was amazing to see

love how intense this green is

such a classic every day ring

love the little monkey

amazing cocktail ring


I must admit it is addicting to look at all of this gorgeous jewelry and I can’t wait to see the new collections that she creates. Hope you enjoyed a peak into the world of fine Dior


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