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Gillian Zinser Style

One of my favorite new style stars is Gillian Zinser from the new 90210. Yes, I do watch the show, so what. Gillian plays Ivy, probably my favorite character on the show. She reminds me both on and off screen as the typical Californian girl. Down to earth, care free, likes the ocean, and so on. Not like the other Californian girls you see spoiled and hanging out on Robertson Blvd all the time. Her style seems to stay the same both on TV and off. Sort of a hippyish bohemian and I am loving all of the clothes she wears. Below are my favorite looks.

loving this look. I don’t have any long skirts but i do have long dresses which would look perfect with a button down

close up of the amazing leopord bag

Winter Kate kimono. Reminds me of the marble paint art we used to make in lower school

love the vintage feel of this outfit

The kimono is amazing, looks like crushed velvet to me

love this vintage dress

dont like the smokes but love the jacket

great colors and print on this dress

Images via Knight Cat, TFS, and google

I would love to dress Gillian up in these two necklaces by Corvus Noir

Reworked Vintage pocket knife necklace 1950’s

Reworked Vintage Gold Filled Chatelaine Pencil Necklace 1920’s

Have a great Halloween weekend. Craig and I are still figuring out where we want to go out Saturday night. Thinking haunted house maybe


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